South Florida LUXURY Guide: Happenings-- Film, Art & Culture. by Mira Lehr

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In mythology, Ariadne’s red thread helped Theseus navigate the labyrinth to rescue her from the Minotaur. Such is the inspiration for the MOCA North Miami’s museum-wide multimedia installation by South Florida—based artist Mira Lehr, who creates a mysterious world that reminds us not only of the gifts that nature provides, but of the importance of preserving them for future generations. A rope will wind through the galleries, leading to other works in the show.

CITY AND SHORE: The Thin Green Line by Mira Lehr

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“Following a thread illustrated on the floor throughout the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami, Tracing the Red Thread charts the beauty and fragility of South Florida’s endangered marine ecosystem in a time of climate change. From Sept. 6 - Nov. 4, the museum-wide illustration by acclaimed South Florida-based artist Mira Lehr reflects her eco-feminist philosophy in two- and three-dimensional works depicting dense mangroves, jellyfish and the mystical coral reef through such media as burnt fuse lines, gunpowder, resin, Japanese rice paper, dyes and art to wear.”

— Greg Carannante