Mira Lehr's 'Tequila Sunrise' and 'Apparition' reference in the Sunday Times Literary Supplement / by Mira Lehr


Mira Lehr’s ‘Tequila Sunrise’ and ‘Apparation’ referenced in the Sunday Times Literary Supplement

Author Kelly Grovier writes about Modernism at the Art institute of Chicago and references contemporary painter Mira Lehr.


"This is a book teeming with connections, where the seven luminous O'Keeffe paintings include here (representing her development throughout the 1920's) profit from their proximity to the diaphanous power of the Harlem Renaissance artist Aaron Douglas's gouache and graphite "Study for 'Aspects of Negro Life: The Negro in an African Setting'" (1934). Taken together, O'Keeffe's apotheosis of the petal and Douglas's layering of angled light (what he calls "visual emanations") clear a space in which their spiritual heir, the contemporary New York artist Mira Lehr, can construct radiant works such as "Tequila Sunrise I" and "Apparition" (both 2007). Through the story of American modernism is in many ways the resistance by members of one movement to the emphases and ideologies of another - Regionalism vs Surrealism, Realism vs Expressionism - the thrust of the catalogue is one of a surprisingly coherent genealogy of spirit from which the reader can better appreciate how Arshile Gorky's smears make way for Cy Twombly's scribbles and how the cerebral geometry of Robert Motherwell primes us for the materialities of Sean Scully"