TBBOX ART PRESENTS: "Women Weavers: The Warp of Memory" / by Mira Lehr


TBBox Art & Ideobox ArtSpace present

Women Weavers: The Warp of Memory


The word textile comes from the Latin “texere” which means "to weave", "to braid" or "to construct," and is the common root of words like text and textile. There is a discourse that flows between the threads and the fabrics of the artworks by the women artists participating in this exhibition. They weave worlds as incarnations of the mythic Arachne, transforming the techniques of weaving in a practice that invokes a common memory. Through their pieces, they transfer memories of ancestral cultures into contemporary art. Their works reconnect us with nature and respond to the calling of what we have lost in history and now needs to be interwoven in our visions. As such, the spectator should walk carefully and attentively through the threads that connect the artworks of these contemporary artists.

Olga de Amaral, Stella Bernal de Parra, Cecilia Vicuña, Frida Baranek, Sandra de Berduccy, Karla Caprali, Sylvia Denburg, Marina Font, Norah Hernández, Akiko Jackson, Mira Lehr, Elysia Mann, Marcela Marcuzzi, María Angélica Medina, Suzanne Noujaim, Cecilia Paredes, Mabel Poblet, Raquel Schwartz, and Agustina Woodgate.