“MIRA LEHR: A Walk in the Garden” — the Eco-Feminist’s 60th Anniversary of Visionary Artmaking - SheVille Magazine / by Mira Lehr

“Offered by the SheVille Team on October 3, 2019. Posted in SustainabilityVisual Art & FilmWe RememberWomen's Lives & Education

Mira Lehr in front of Creation (triptych), 2018  

At the Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU for Art Basel Season

The Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU headlines Art Basel season with Mira Lehr: A Walk in the Garden featuring all new work created by the nationally renowned eco-feminist artist. 

Celebrating her sixth decade as a pioneering artist on Miami Beach, the exhibition features ten monumental new paintings and 180 aerial sculptures that descend from the ceiling of the museum’s main sanctuary.“

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