Video by the Mennello Museum of American Art.

The following wall-text appears at the entrance to the museum galleries: Mira Lehr’s entire career as an artist has focused on the natural world and our relationship with our surroundings.  Her residence in Miami, with a studio nestled right on the water, has obviously steered her work towards the waterways and open ocean that form such an integral part of life in Florida.

A “high water mark” indicates a literal measurement for the highest point the water level reaches in a given area at a particular time. However, alternate meanings of the term suggest maximum value in various other sectors of life.  It seems fitting, then, that this phrase should be applied to the work of an artist whose career spans six decades, building toward a well-earned peak.  Lehr’s recent work has been lauded by critics for the meaningful and contemplative commentary she offers on a timely and contentious subject, the state of our natural world.  However, her sense of wonder and optimism about humanity’s ability to rise to the occasion with solutions guides both her life and work.

 For the Mennello galleries, Lehr has created four distinct site-specific installations forming a fully immersive experience for visitors to walk in and among.

 MIRA LEHR: HIGH WATER MARK is organized by Mennello Museum of American Art and guest curated by Ginger Gregg Duggan.

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